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Not too long ago, life was simple, playful and innocence reigned supreme. Time and circumstances may have erased much of that era-but not entirely.

Origially located on the Main Road at the traffic light in the beautiful town of Jamesport, Whoa! Nellie! is steadfastly recreating an environment of happier times with its fun and eclectic retro items.

Owned by Linda Seaton, Whoa! Nellie! features authentic vintage and reproduction home furnishings, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Books, vintage jewelry, pillows, art, Judi Boisson quilts, Debbie Thibault paper mache figurines, retro candy and other delightful products from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

“This store hopes to celebrate our authentic landscape of what this nation was built upon-the principles it was built upon,” Ms. Seaton said. “It celebrates America and how we would laugh before political correctness. Everyone leaves the store happier than they come in.”

Ms. Seaton began the store several years ago. “I was a corporate flight attendant for CEO of Tommy Hilfiger. Around 9/11, I stopped flying. I was thinking about what I wanted to do next and the store just came to me. It created itself and it is the kind of store that really makes you think. You have to excavate it and, in turn, you excavate yourself.”
Always a collector, “Flight attendants are known for being collectors, for buying more than we can store,” Whoa! Nellie! is the perfect outlet for Ms. Seaton’s passion.

Ms. Seaton travels extensively to find the perfect products for her store. “I have an Amish family making Adirondack chairs of poly and wood. They fold and are weather resistant.” From Charleston, South Carolina, to the Catskills, her keen eye for the eclectic and the unusual have made Whoa! Nellie! a standout store on the North Fork.

Regarding the name of her store, Ms. Seaton said “It’s kind of like ‘Enough is enough already! Whoa! Nellie!’ Let’s start thinking and find our authentic selves. Plus we are in horse country, so it fit perfectly.”

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