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Q. Are most of your items vintage (authentic)?
A. 15% of our store merchandise is original vintage, found in Estate Sales and the like. Now that we have established ourselves, here, on the North Fork of Long Island, the estate sales find us (leaving us less time to travel to them).

Q. What is your return policy (and philosophy)?
A. We’ve established one golden rule: If it is in selling condition, it may be returned. Period.
We pride ourselves in small town personal service (in spite of the fact that our global world appears to be becoming very impersonal and cruel). The key word here, is “appears”. Our mission is to prove, that one small good-thought can move mountains in good-deeds. So, really, we’re not just about selling items of interest and fancy. Our store is healing this troubled world, one person at a time.

Q. Do you “drop ship”?
A. Yes! Most of our companies (with larger merchandise) will drop ship to your door, saving both of us time and money. Isn’t that nice?

Q. Are you open all year?
A. Yes! As traffic slows down our store hours lessen, however, we always leave our business cards on our front door for your convenience. We are usually just a phone call away! Birthday thoughts & gifts are important. So we want to accomodate that good deed. That would make someone smile.

Q. Did you buy the previous business that was here?
A. No. The previous store was a gift store owned by three local friends (who had other jobs, as well). They sold out of everything and closed their shop when the rent doubled, before I discovered the space. I know they are missed.

Q. If I pay you cash, will you deduct sales tax?
A. No. Sales tax is mandatory. If you feel that it does not go to good use, we encourage you to research this subject further and write your research findings & sentiments down and mail them to your congressmen. Isn’t that more empowering? Wouldn’t that make you feel much better at the end of the day? Our country was built upon strong principles. Excavating them would be a great idea!

In 1959 we would never, ever, have ask such a question. I suspect my heroes are turning over in their graves.

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