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Fine Art

Anthony D’Avino

Anthony D’Avino was born in Brooklyn NY on February 7th, 1947. He attended the State University at New Paltz, and received a B.S. And his Master Degree in Fine-Art (1969).

His career turned towards education, where he became the Head of the Art Dept. in Commack’s Burr Jr. H.S. (1972). D’Avino’s extraordinary talents where recognized early on, by his superiors, co-workers, and students.

His name appears in the publication of “Outstanding Teachers of America”, and has received a number of awards for “Teacher of The Year”. Not only has D’Avino inspired thousands of students to see the beauty of art all around us, he has continually exhibited his work, entered competitions and completed many commissioned projects. Mr. D’Avino recently retired as the Chairman of The Commack High School Art Department.

His current series of artworks, is a return to his youth: growing up in the 1950’s, weekend adventures with family at “Dodge City” and “Story Town”, and of course the Toys of those days gone by. D’Avino’s photo realistic painting recapture the charm and nostalgia of the golden age of toys. The “color-design” aspect of toys provides an endless array of compositional possibilities, which bring an abstract expressionist aspect, into a super realistic painting, along with the charm of the period.

Anthony D’Avino’s work has been featured at The RVS Gallery, Southampton, The Southview Art Gallery, The Parrish Museum in Southampton, Adelphi University, The Firehouse Gallery at Nassau Community College, The National Competition for Artists Magazine, and one person rotating shows for Chemical Bank, to name a few.

In his leisure time D’Avino is an avid surfer, an accomplished musician, and 5th degree black Belt in Shorinji ryu Karatedo. He is truly the modern Renaissance man.

Recycled Works is the creative partnership of Rhonda Kuhlman and Chris Ake. Together we design and hand produce a line of funky and functional jewelry, home accessories and whimsical art pieces, all with a folk art flair.

At the heart of each piece are the vintage bottle caps that date back from the 1930’s to 1970’s. They give the work a nostalgic “pop art” flash that we couple with Americana pop art images and religious icons.
Our working studio is located in the Blue Star Arts Complex near the Riverwalk in beautiful downtown San Antonio.

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